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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

18,921,600 seconds since baseball

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NBA, MLB & NHL Suspend Seasons Due to Coronavirus Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Good morning.

T.R. Sullivan writes that Joey Gallo has been working out and hitting at The Shed* with his teammates and likes what he sees (other than the fence distance) from the new park.

*new official name

Jeff Wilson writes that Gallo is worried that they might’ve gone and made a dang ol’ pitchers’ park.

Evan Grant notes Gallo’s concerns about the park playing “big” but concedes that it shouldn’t be a problem for Gallo himself, at least.

If you’ve ever wondered why the Rangers have been, historically, an also-ran franchise, it might be because shortstop, centerfield, and starting pitcher have been the weakest positions cumulatively throughout the nearly 50 years that the team has existed in Texas. Other than catcher, where the Rangers have done pretty well, those are the most impactful spots on the field. Nothing drives this point home further than poor T.R. trying to come up with even a second best all-time Rangers CFer.

Because we need haircuts and to express our freedom, we’re not doing as well with the whole global pandemic thing here in America as they are in South Korea so they get to have baseball there. With that in mind, Grant looks at the former Rangers who play in the KBO that we might get reacquainted with after ESPN announced that they will broadcast their games.

Even though AJM already did this with the right answer, MLB dot com’s Manny Randhawa lists a player from each team that you forgot played for that team and no, no one forgot that Sammy Sosa was a Ranger.

The Athletic held a big DFW major sports-related survey and Tim Cato combs through the results.

The staffers at the DMN wax poetic about the greatest sports plays that they witnessed in person. For me, it was Nelson Cruz hitting the first walk-off grand slam in postseason history which is going to make this next link coming up even more painful.

It might have given us the worst possible sports day of our lives, but, hey, at least the Rangers played in one of the handful of greatest World Series to ever be played, right? I warned you!

Be well!