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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

21,254,400 seconds since baseball

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Will Leitch looks at how each team fared with their highest draft pick in franchise history with the Rangers only selecting with the top overall pick once all time where they then proceeded to do a real Rangers move and ruin a phenom.

The DMN’s Brice Paterik takes a gander at how ESPN would redraft the previous decade with Texas especially welcoming a second chance at the Tim Bogar Boogeyman 2015 draft.

Over at Fangraphs Paul Sporer ponders if Willie Calhoun (and Nomar Mazara) are good “late bloomer” candidate hitters.

Jesse Sanchez nominates Joey Gallo for having the best hose on the Rangers among the rest of the AL West.

And, finally, Frank Catalanotto might have lost the second base battle to Michael Young but he won the war against Mike Mussina.

Be well!