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Friday Morning Rangers Update

Rangers update for Friday, June 12

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2014 MLB Draft Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Good morning, LSB. Is everything going swimmingly in RangerLand?

Evan Grant sums up the Rangerssomewhat confusing activity from the second day of the MLB draft. Grant notes that second-round selection Evan Carter didn’t appear on MLB Pipeline’s Top 200 or Baseball America’s Top 500 lists of prospects, and that the Rangers have a history of second-round risks falling flat.

The DMN also has a timeline of the Rangers’ activity yesterday.

First-round pick Justin Foscue did a Zoom meeting with the beat writers yesterday and at least he knows not to answer questions about the Cowboys’ quarterback situation.

Levi has notes from Day 2 and wonders about the Rangers’ draft philosophy. He also brings up the theory of owner-imposed financial restrictions possibly affecting the Rangers’ picks.

TR Sullivan has quotes from Rangers’ scouting director Kip Fagg, who says that each of the guys the Rangers selected had been someone they’d been targeting early on.

Jeff Wilson also has some procedural news from yesterday, with Rob Manfred going on MLB Network and guaranteeing that there will be a baseball season in 2020 but the players and owners continue to battle each other.

Happy Friday.