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MLBPA tells MLB to pick start date

The players have rejected the latest proposals for the owners, and have informed them they aren’t making another counter-proposal

MLB Prospects Train in Arizona During COVID-19 Season Postponement Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The MLBPA has rejected the most recent proposal from MLB on the terms of the 2020 season resuming, and have told MLB they do not intend on issuing a counter-proposal. Instead, the players are telling owners that they need to simply tell the players when to report, and when the season will start, and the players will show up.

The players’ gambit is that, pursuant to the terms of the deal they negotiated in March, which provided that they would be paid on a pro-rated basis for 2020, MLB can dictate unilaterally the start of the season, but must use best efforts to play as many games as possible. If the owners institute a 48 game season — a common number bandied about — the MLBPA will file a grievance, arguing that the league did not use the best efforts to play as many games as possible.

So this appear to be coming to a resolution — there will either be last minute negotiations or MLB will unilaterally implement a start date to the season, and we should know in the next week when the season will start, and how long it will be.

There will be baseball in 2020, it appears. We just don’t know when or how long.