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Seven UDFAs signed by Rangers so far

The Rangers have signed seven free agents who went unsigned in last week’s draft

MLB Prospects Train in Arizona During COVID-19 Season Postponement
This is Danny Hultzien, not an undrafted free agent, but the picture seems appropriate to the post nonetheless
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The 2020 MLB Draft last week was only five rounds, rather than the usual forty, with the result being that many players who would normally be drafted instead went undrafted and are free agents. Those players who were draft-eligible but were not selected are now free agents, and can sign with any team, though with a maximum signing bonus of $20,000.

The Texas Rangers are up to seven players signed, according to the MLB Pipeline UDFA signing tracker. Those players are:

Fernando Amaro, a high school catcher out of Cidra, Puerto Rico

Nick Krauth, a righthanded pitcher out of the University of Connecticut

D.J. McCarty, a high school righthanded pitcher out of California

Connor Sechler, a righthanded pitcher out of Drury

Brady Smith, a catcher out of the University of Florida

Colton Snyder, a righthanded pitcher out of Concordia

Josh Stephan, a righthanded pitcher out of South Grand Prairie High School in the Metroplex

I have no idea about the quality of the signings, whether the Rangers got the guys they wanted, whether they missed on their top priorities, or what have you. Only a few teams have signed more players than the Rangers, for what it is worth, though I’m not sure how much meaning the number of players signed really has.