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MLBPA to propose 70 game season, per Passan

Jeff Passan reports that the union is sending a proposal to MLB for a 70 game season

2020 Texas Rangers Photo Day
Positive news deserves a Joey Gallo smile
Photo by David Durochik/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The MLBPA “has finalized a proposal” for a roughly 70 game season that is being conveyed to MLB, according to Jeff Passan on Twitter. This is in response to the proposal from owners yesterday that called for a 60 game season.

Speculation has been rampant that, once owners made a proposal yesterday that included the players being paid 100% of their pro-rated salaries, rather than asking them to take an additional paycut, a deal would eventually be reached, with the issue coming down to the number of games being played. With owners proposing 60, speculation was the players would propose 70 or 72, and the compromise would be for 64 or 66 games.

Hopefully this continues moving things forward, and we will have an agreement in place in the very near future.