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Friday Morning Rangers Links

Texas Rangers update for Friday, June 19th

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MLB Photos Archive Photo by MLB via Getty Images

Good morning, LSB, and happy Juneteenth.

Well there was more MLB vs. MLBPA whiplash news yesterday, and I’m gonna invoke The Simpsons’ pretzel scene for the second time this week as I feel like Whitey Ford being bombarded and overwhelmed with rogue pretzels as I plead for some kind of sanity.

At the DMN, Kevin Sherrington talks about baseball’s enormous missed opportunity.

At The Athletic, Saad Yousuf has an update from our old pal Randy Galloway, who is living his damn best life.

The Rangers will not be making Juneteenth a paid holiday but hey have a nice Zoom meeting instead.

With the actual Texas Rangers coming up in the news again, there’s some conversation starting up about a whether a name change for the Texas Rangers baseball team will be necessary.

That’s all for today.