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Foscue, Carter sign, per reports

The Rangers have reportedly signed their top two draft choices from this year’s draft

COLLEGE BASEBALL: MAR 31 Mississippi State at LSU

The Texas Rangers have signed first round draft choice Justin Foscue, according to Jim Callis on Twitter. Callis says that Foscue signed for $3.25 million, which is around $800,000 under the $4,036,800 slot value for the 14th overall pick.

Foscue is a righthanded hitting infielder who profiles as a second baseman, the position he played at Mississippi State. He is an advanced bat who was reportedly the darling of many analytics-oriented teams, due to his strong contact rates and exit velocities while playing in a premier conference in college. He is similar to Nick Solak in that he’s a high-makeup bat-first infielder who is limited defensively, but can hit.

I had previously speculated that at least a couple of the Rangers later picks would require above-slot deals. Evan Carter, the outfielder who was the Rangers’ controversial second round pick, would seem likely to be a below-slot sign. The Rangers picked high schoolers T.K. Roby, Dylan MacLean and Thomas Saggese in the third, fourth and fifth rounds, and my guess is that MacLean and Saggese will be getting above-slot money.

The slot amounts for each of the Rangers picks are as follows:

14 — $4,036,800

50 — $1,469,900

86 — $699,700

115 — $502,300

145 — $375,200

UPDATEEvan Grant says that second rounder Evan Carter has signed for $1.25 million, which he notes is about halfway between slot for the Rangers’ pick and slot for the Kansas City Royals’ third round pick. Evan says the Royals were “likely to take Carter in [the] 3rd” if the Rangers hadn’t taken him.

That leaves a total of $2.825 million to sign the final three picks. Evan says MacLean and Sagesse are thought to be getting above slot.