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Texas Rangers sign fourth round pick Dylan MacLean

The Rangers have announced that fourth round pick Dylan MacLean has signed

Don McLean Performs At The Canyon Club Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers announced the signing of fourth round draft pick Dylan MacLean this evening. MacLean, a lefthanded prep pitcher, is reportedly getting $1.2 million to sign.

MacLean is listed a 6’3”, 180 lbs., and was known as a guy with great command and a high spin rate, but until this past offseason was topping out in the upper 80s. After putting on weight he was touching 92, and his combination of command, a low-90s high spin rate fastball, and quality secondaries got the Rangers’ attention.

As we expected, MacLean is getting well above slot value — while Justin Foscue and Evan Carter, who reportedly agreed to deals earlier today, went for below slot value, MacLean is getting around $700,000 above slot value. Most of the $800,000 the Rangers saved with Foscue going under slot has gone to MacLean, and the rest, along with the money saved by Evan Carter reportedly getting about $250,000 below slot, will likely be allocated to fifth rounder Thomas Saggese.

This also should put to rest the “Texas took these guys because they wanted to save money and not spend their entire bonus pool” conspiracy theories.