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Saturday Morning Rangers Stuff

Texas Rangers update for Saturday, June 20

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Good morning, LSB.

It appears the MLB and the players union have drifted apart once again on terms for starting a 2020 season.

With covid outbreaks popping up in multiple baseball camps (and hockey camps, and basketball camps, and college football camps...), the MLB has temporarily shut down all training sites for deep cleaning and disinfecting.

At the FWST, Jeff Wilson spoke with Rangers’ draft picks Justin Foscue and Evan Carter, each of them having newly signed their first pro-ball contract.

TR Sullivan wrote about the new Rangers rookies as well.

Now that name-change talk has cropped up for the Rangers, the team has released a statement saying that they stand for equality and not for some of the horrible things the law enforcement agency is being accused of.

That’s all for this morning. Have a good weekend and don’t forget to mask up.