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MLBPA rejects owner proposal, MLB to implement 60 game schedule

Multiple reports indicate that the MLBPA executive council voted against the owners’ proposed 60 game schedule, but MLB will implement it unilaterally anyway

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Henry Clay Frick

The MLBPA has voted against accepting the owners’ most recent proposal, involving a 60 game season, expanded playoffs, universal DH and a waiver of any grievances by each side. MLBPA released a statement saying that they “anticipate finalizing a comprehensive set of health and safety protocols with Major League Baseball in the coming days, and we await word from the league on the resumption of spring training camps and a proposed 2020 schedule.”

MLB is now expected to unilaterally implement a schedule, and reports indicate it will also be for 60 games, so the players’ rejecting the owner’s proposal would essentially mean that where they are ending up is not materially worse than where they would have been had they accepted the proposal, while still preserving the right to pursue a grievance or negotiate for expanded playoffs next year.

I would expect in the next few days for MLB to formalize the number of games to be played, when players are to report, and when Opening Day will be.