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Spring training starts 7/1, season starts 7/24, per reports

The owners have voted to start spring training next week and the season next month

MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In the aftermath of the players rejecting the last offer from ownership, MLB has announced that the owners have voted to approve a 60 game regular season. Spring training is slated to start on July 1, and the regular season will begin on July 24.

The owners had offered a 60 game season to the players in the deal the players rejected — the players countered with 70 games, plus some additional items — so there has been some talk that the players didn’t give up anything by not agreeing. That being said, the last offer from MLB included universal DH in 2021, expanded playoffs with a playoff pool to be split, and additional forgiveness of some of the advance that was made to the players in March that isn’t present in this current arrangement. That being said, all in all, its not a big change from what the players turned down.

We are now a month away from official baseball — health conditions permitting, of course, and that’s a pretty big caveat. Nevertheless, in a 60 day game season with expanded playoffs, everyone is a contender right now, and so there’s ample reason to watch and cheer once the games begin.