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Texas Rangers sign Roby, Saggese

The Texas Rangers have signed their final two unsigned draft choices, per reports

Not Released Baseball Photo by Zoran Milich/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers have signed their third round pick in the 2020 MLB Draft, T.K. Roby, and their fifth round pick, Thomas Saggese, per T.R. Sullivan on Twitter. Sullivan says Roby received a $775,000 signing bonus, and Saggese signed for $800,000.

As we discussed after the Rangers signed Justin Foscue and Evan Carter for below slot, the expectation was that at least a couple of the remaining three picks would be getting above slot money. All three of them — including fourth rounder Dylan MacLean — ended up signing for above slot.

Roby’s $775,000 bonus is $75,300 above slot, while Saggese’s $800,000 bonus is $424,800 above slot, meaning the two combined to receive $500,100 in pool money above their slot allocation figures. MacLean received $1.2 million to sign, which was $697,700 above slot.

So the concerns that the picks the Rangers made were because they weren’t going to use their full bonus pool allotment appear unfounded, and all five players selected are now Rangers prospects.

Per Evan Grant, the Rangers went over their bonus pool allotment by $191,100.