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Thursday Morning Links


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MLB: Texas Rangers-Globe Life Field Tours Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Levi Weaver takes a look at how the 60 game season will impact the Rangers, saying the outlook for the playoffs is more positive than it would have been and that the 30 man roster with which the team will start the season will be heavy on pitchers.

Speaking of rosters, the 60 man spring training roster will likely include some top prospects.

Dial your irony detector up to 11 because the Rangers are selling a special social distancing t-shirt, oh, and also are exploring allowing 20,000 fans to attend games.

Those plans are still tentative, of course, and are still subject to change considering some states are instituting travel restrictions on Texans because we’re all getting sick.

Evan Grant has a list of things the Rangers need to figure out in Spring Training 2.0.

T.R. Sullivan answers some FAQ’s on Rangers 2020 season, a season which I’m sure is destined to be crowned in glory.