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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

23,673,600 seconds since baseball

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Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Good morning.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers have submitted their 60-man player pool for the possible upcoming 60-game season.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers’ 60-man roster shows that teams need to stay flexible because, you know, we’re having a pandemic and all.

Jeff Wilson looks at a few intriguing names from the initial 60-man roster which includes the Rangers’ first-round pick from last season.

Levi Weaver takes a look at how the roster shapes up for Chris Woodward in what will technically be his third big league training camp in his second year as a manager.

Will Leitch names Rougned Odor as the make-or-break hitter to watch for the Rangers in 2020 which I’m sure will go over well in the comments.

Manny Randhawa goes over the best 60-game stretch by each team in the last twenty years to add context to what a great season will look like if/when they play out the season this summer.

And, finally, a documentary has been made about how the Rangers got their new stadium funded and approved. Watch it and see Jeff Williams transform into the Rich Texan from The Simpsons right before your eyes.

Be well!