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Thursday Morning Links


MLB: Texas Rangers-Media Day Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Grant discusses race with Willie Calhoun and Taylor Hearn, who both say it’s time for some difficult conversations about the black experience.

MLB has rejected a proposal from the players’ union that would have pushed the conclusion of the regular season into the end of October, on the basis of fears that a resurgence of COVID-19 could threaten playoff broadcasts and associated revenue.

Jeff Wilson is tired of brinkmanship and negotiations and once the players and owners to come together and put an end to the cold gruel that is simulated baseball seasons.

The governor’s plan to reopen the state officially allows fans to attend sporting events, though professional sports leagues will not be availing themselves of that opportunity. Instead, it will likely be the famously hygienic and cautious denizens of our fine state’s universities that will serve as our canaries in the Corona coal mine.
Looking at a list of the best recent AL West draft picks is a little disheartening.

And finally, I just love Lenny Dykstra stories. And our buddy Nails just had his defamation lawsuit against former teammate Ron Darling dismissed because (get this!) he has such a shitty reputation that it’s impossible to defame him. You have to be a world class asshole for a judge to make a finding that the public literally couldn’t think any less of you.