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MLB makes new proposal for 78 game season

Multiple reports indicate that MLB is proposing a 78 games season that has players getting 75% of their pro-rated pay

MLB: Texas Rangers-Globe Life Field Tours Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Multiple reports indicate that, despite MLB previously signalling that they were not going to response to the MLBPA’s latest proposal for playing the 2020 season, MLB has in fact made (or is making) a proposal to the players.

The proposal involves a 78 game season beginning July 10, with players receiving 75% of their pro-rated salaries — in other words, 75% of 78/162 of their normal salaries. Playoffs would be expanded, but if the playoffs end up being canceled, the percentage players get paid would drop even more.

MLB has made noise about being able to unilaterally implement a shorter season (50 games is usually the number referenced) with full pro-rated salaries, and this proposal would give the players more than what they would get under that scenario. Players have been adamant, however, that they would not agree to reduce their salaries beyond the pro-ration they previously agreed to, seeing that as something that has already been addressed and that the owners are trying to get another bite at the apple on.

Players may end up having to choose between agreeing to a percentage reduction in their pro-rated salaries in order to have more games, or having MLB implement a shorter season with full pro-rated salaries that would result in them making less than they would under, for example, the 78 game proposal MLB has offered.

My gut instinct is that we end up seeing something like a 70 game schedule with the players giving concessions to allow owners to agree to full pro-ration of salaries. But that’s just a WAG.