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MLBPA making new proposal for 2020 season, per reports

The players are countering the last offer from ownership, proposing an 89 game season

Miami Marlins News Conference Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

The MLBPA is responding to the latest proposal from owners on the terms of the 2020 season, per multiple reports. The new proposal from players is reportedly for 89 games, with the players being paid their full (pro-rated) salaries, and expanded playoffs.

The last offer from ownership was for 76 games with pro-rated salaries being reduced another 25%, along with expanded playoffs, so big picture, this means that the players and owners are 13 games apart and 25% on additional pay cuts for the players apart.

Both sides have made a fairly decent-sized move with the latest offers, but there is still a ways to go. The players have been entrenched on the idea that they took a pay cut when they agreed to pro-rate salaries for 2020, and they aren’t going to take another one on top of that. Owners have insisted they aren’t going to pay full pro-rated salaries unless there’s a shorter season than what is being discussed.

It does appear that we are going to have expanded playoffs in 2020, and possibly in 2021. The discussions of extending the regular season into October appear to be dead, as the networks that are paying for the playoffs (which is what makes MLB its national television money) don’t want to push the playoffs back.

Things are going in the right direction, and while I don’t want to jinx it, I do feel cautiously optimistic that we will get a deal done this week. Maybe 82 games, 90% of pro-rated salaries, or shaving the equivalent of 10% of pro-rated salaries from somewhere else so the owners save money and the players can say they didn’t give on that issue.