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Wednesday morning Rangers things

Wednesday morning Rangers news and links

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Jeff Zimmerman #59

Good morning, folks...

Ben’s internet is apparently out so you get me this morning.

With players reporting to summer camp, Evan Grant says the most surprising player in the Rangers’ player pool is Alex Speas, the former second round pick who had Tommy John surgery in 2018 and is now touching 102.

T.R. Sullivan looks at 5 key storylines for Rangers fans to watch over the next four weeks, and hints that Nick Solak could end up being the Rangers’ center fielder.

Jeff Wilson offers some details about MLB’s testing procedures, which involve sending most of the tests to the league’s anti-doping lab in Salt Lake City for processing.

The Athletic’s list of the ten best Canadian hitters and Canadian pitchers by WAR/150 features three Rangers pitchers, including a surprising guy at #1.