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Do results/stats matter in the 2020 season?

Should we pay any attention to the numbers from a weird 60 game season?

MLB: Texas Rangers-Workouts Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With the potential 2020 season getting closer, I’m curious to know what the thoughts are on this season and its relevance in the overall scheme of franchise histories and individual player’s performance. Does this season need an asterisk next to it. With just 60 games — less than half the season — to be played, do the stats truly add or take away value for a team or player?

If a 2019 playoff team just absolutely tanks, does it feel the same as if they tanked in a 162 game season?

If the Rangers win the World Series, do we celebrate it as much as we would any other year or are we kinda like ‘well it was 60 games?’

To me it feels like any team could potentially get lucky. After 60 games in 2019, the Rangers were 32-38. Their 60th game was on June 6th. That was about when there was talk of the Rangers being a potential wild card.

I still struggle with even believing we’re actually going to have baseball because ya know, the global pandemic is still happening.

But I hope we do get baseball but it’s a struggle to understand what I want from it and how much I care about what actually happens. Don’t get me wrong, if the Rangers win a world series, I’ll celebrate hard core. But if they go 20-40, will I truly care as much? Will you?

I think this would be a great potential for MLB to grow a new fan audience but just having more fun. This is a good season to not take so seriously, let position players pitch more if they want to, more bat flips.

How about everyone just channel their Adrian Beltre joy of playing the game?

I realize there’s a danger to asking people on the internet to reply to a post with their opinions, but I’m really curious here, do you care about results of the season or are we just happy for sports?


Do you care about results/stats for this season?

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  • 52%
    Not really, I just want to see baseball happen
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  • 47%
    Yes, I’ll keep track of stats just like any other season
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