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Texas Rangers furlough 12% of employees

The Rangers are furloughing approximately 60 employees — roughly 12% of their staff — it was announced today

Texas Rangers Summer Workouts Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers have announced that they are furloughing employees on both the baseball and business sides of the organization, per a statement released by owner Ray Davis today. According to the beat guys, it is around 60 employees being furloughed, which is roughly 12% of the total of folks employed (which I assume refers to non-uniformed staff).

A number of MLB teams have furloughed staff as a result of the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in a greatly delayed start to what will be a shortened MLB season, the cancellation of the minor league season, and the likelihood that most, if not all, MLB games will be played with either no fans are severe limitations in the number of fans allowed in attendance.

This is obviously devastating for the folks who are being let go, and I am saddened that this is happening.