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Thursday Morning Links

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MLB: Texas Rangers-Globe Life Field Tours Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Levi Weaver has an interview with Michael Bertin, who somehow managed to make a riveting documentary about tax law and the Rangers’ new stadium.

Some of baseball’s biggest names were gathering for secret workouts in Florida.

Evan Grant says that the Rangers’ response when one of their players inevitably tests positive will determine if they will be able to keep it contained.

Julio Rangel used the extra time that the MLBPA and owners were negotiating to start a throwing program for the Ranger pitchers which should have them throwing 90 pitches by the time Spring Training 2 ends.

Salt Lake City will be the lynchpin in the league’s efforts to keep the players healthy.

Mac Engel says the Rangers will be out of it by July 31.

Jeff Wilson has a refresher if you’ve forgotten the questions the Rangers still hadn’t answered when spring training was abandoned a few months ago.

Even though the first official workout is Friday, the Ranger pitchers have already been getting ready to go 60-80 pitches.