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Texas Rangers Opening Weekend Recap

Not the best start to the season

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Season record: 1-2

Week 1 record: 1-2

Series record: 0-1

It’s gonna up to the pitchers to keep the Rangers head above water, especially in a shortened season, and based off the first series of the season, they might have to drag the rest of the team to the end.

Yes they’re playing 60 games this season, and compared to normal seasons, every game really feels like it counts. Even the first week’s worth. Where usually we have a full month before we can truly judge a team, we don’t have that luxury this season. Players don’t have the luxury of having a slow start, they have to figure it out fast, the first three series feel like the limit before we can all say ‘Ok this is what we’re getting this season.’

With the Rangers, it’s not looking so great. Especially after having Corey Kluber for one inning before needing to be evaluated for right shoulder tightness, which determined he would be on the shelf for at least four weeks.

The bats are not hot, which almost feels like an normal albeit, annoying, start for the Rangers, but again, having a two month season not only means any team can truly make it to playoffs (especially with the expansion), it also means it can slip away just as easily.

Lance Lynn and Mike Minor seemed to pick up right where they left off last season.

If you want to flip this weekend into a more positive outlook, we got to see the bullpen and get a feel for some of the younger guys. Jonathan Hernandez and Ian Gibaut each made two appearances and looked sharp. Hernandez pitched two innings, gave up a hit and two walks no runs and struck out two. Gibaut struck out three in 3.1 innings, gave up no hits or walks.

While the Rangers earned their first shoutout of the season and the new ballpark in game one, they scored two runs in each of the next two games and neither were enough to take a win.

If we’re lucky we’ll see the offense, and defense, show up in the quick series against the Diamond Backs after Monday’s off-day.

At least the new unis look nice and Joey Gallo hit the first homer in Globe Life Field.