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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Keep your black cats, mirrors, and ladders away from the Rangers

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Colorado Rockies v Texas Rangers
Where’s Waldo
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Good morning.

Levi Weaver writes that Corey Kluber tore a muscle in his shoulder/back and will miss at least four weeks and, in case you forgot, there’s not too many weeks in this season to begin with.

T.R. Sullivan notes that even if Kluber does return, it will be so late that they won’t have time to ramp him back up as a starter so Kolby Allard is now in the rotation for the foreseeable future.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers’ plans for a starting pitching-led path to relevancy went up in smoke just one inning into Kluber’s tenure with the Rangers.

Jeff Wilson writes that a likely outcome is that Kluber’s one inning might be the only inning we get with him in a Rangers uniform.

Weaver aims to pin down what we have and have not learned about the 2020 Texas Rangers with one series in the books.

Wilson writes that, though a small sample of just three games, the Rangers don’t have much time to figure things out at the plate.

Tim Cowlishaw ponders if it was the new park or the lineup that made the Rangers seem so listless in the first weekend of the season.

Among Sullivan’s notes from Monday is the list of items the Rangers will be sending to Cooperstown to display from their first ever series at The Shed.

Sam Miller writes that the Rangers fall into the “reveal character or advance the action” category of probably not contenders for this weird 2020 season.

And, finally, the definitive way to enjoy a Texas Rangers game — the radio — ranks in the extreme upper echelon among the league in The Athletic’s radio broadcast survey.

Be well!