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MLB announces 38 positive tests

In the first round of testing, MLB announces that there were 31 players and 7 staffers who tested positive for COVID-19

Texas Rangers Summer Workouts Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

MLB announces the results for the first round of COVID-19 tests that were administered. Out of 3,185 individuals tested, there were 38 positive tests, an overall positive rate of 1.2%. 31 players and 7 staffers tested positive, on a total of 19 different clubs.

This is a lower rate than I anticipated we would see. As a point of reference, a shade over 5% of NBA players who were tested in the run up to the NBA’s upcoming resumption of activities tested positive for COVID-19.

Those who have tested positive will isolate, and will have to have two tests come back negative, separated by at least 24 hours, before they can re-join their team. Going forward, everyone will be tested every other day, as MLB works to try to keep folks healthy, and to quarantine folks who have the virus as soon as possible.