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Joey Gallo tests positive for COVID-19

Joey Gallo has tested positive for COVID-19 and is quarantining

2020 Texas Rangers Photo Day Photo by David Durochik/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Joey Gallo has tested positive for COVID-19, the Texas Rangers announced today. Gallois asymptomatic and quarantining at home.

Gallo reportedly tested positive in his initial test, then negative in a subsequent test, and then positive again. He will need to test negative in two consecutive tests at least 24 hours apart in order to return to team activities.

The good news here is that Gallo is asymptomatic and the coronavirus does not appear to be significantly impacting his health. His last positive test was on July 2, so my guess is he will be tested every other day going forward until he has two negative tests in a row, at which point he will be back in action.