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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

24,364,800 seconds since baseball

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MLB: JUL 05 Rangers Summer Camp Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning.

Tony Wolfe of Fangraphs writes about the trials and tribulations that MLB has faced in the early days of their attempt to kick-start a 2020 season.

T.R. Sullivan notes, as we learned yesterday, the reason Joey Gallo hasn’t been at workouts is because he has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Jeff Wilson writes that Gallo is asymptomatic, however, and the Rangers are hopeful that he’ll be able to play when the season begins.

Levi Weaver provides a recap for how things have gone for Summer Camp so far for those who have been able to take the field.

The new 2020 MLB schedule was released yesterday and Evan Grant takes you through all the quirks that await the Rangers.

Sullivan writes about the 2020 schedule which will see the Rangers hang out west for most of the summer but not before they open The Shed against the Rockies on July 24.

Wilson writes that, assuming this all goes forward, the Rangers will get to debut their new stadium but they won’t be going through with plans to allow fans at the park until August at the earliest.

Weaver provides seven notable items about the 2020 schedule which includes the fact that the Rangers and the west coast teams have made first pitch start time compromises since, you know, Texas isn’t actually geographically located in the western United States.

And, finally, MLB dot com’s Mike Petriello writes that the Rangers, in addition to being the club that will travel the most among all MLB teams in 2020, are unfavored by the new schedule in another way as their overall strength of schedule difficulty has risen more than any team in the league other than the Seattle Mariners.

Be well!