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Wednesday Morning Links


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MLB: Texas Rangers-Workouts Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The good folks at The Athletic have put together a primer on our new divisional opponents, the weirdo NL West teams.

They also polled their readers and found out (duh) that most of them blamed the owners for the recent labor conflict and they’re not very confident in Rob Manfred.

Joey Gallo has now tested positive for COVID-19 twice and tested negative twice in a span of 10 days, raising questions about the rate of false positives in a regime that relies on accurate testing.

A plethora of early season off days will give the Rangers an opportunity to squeeze some extra starts out of their Opening Day starter, Lance Lynn.

Mac Engel does not expect the season to go off without a hitch.

Jeff Wilson says Opening Day will go well if Lance Lynn can pitch like he did yesterday.

Shin-Soo Choo says stop being so selfish and put a stupid mask on.

Lance Lynn got a good yell in during yesterday’s intrasquad game.