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Texas Rangers 2021 schedule released

Texas will open the 2021 season in Kansas City

Texas Rangers Summer Workouts Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It feels like only yesterday that the Texas Rangers’ 2020 schedule was released (it was actually three days ago) — but hey, we already have the 2021 schedule out.

The Rangers start the 2021 season in Kansas City on April Fool’s Day, playing on Thursday, April 1, and then on Saturday and Sunday, April 3-4, in their first series of the season. Texas then has their home opener on April 5 as part of a three game set against the Toronto Blue Jays from April 5-7, followed by a three game set between the San Diego Padres and the Rangers in Arlington April 9-11.

The interleague games are with the National League West, and so we have the San Francisco Giants, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Colorado Rockies playing at Texas, along with the Padres.

The schedule appears to have a pretty decent balance — the longest road trip is 10 games at the start of the second half, immediately after the All Star Break, and I don’t think there’s a particularly bad or grueling stretch of road games at any point.

This assumes, of course, that we are at a place in April, 2021, where baseball can be played. Let’s hope that is the case.