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Lorenzo Cain opts out

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Lorenzo Cain has opted out of the 2020 season

Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Lorenzo Cain has announced he is exercising his right to opt out of the remainder of the 2020 season.

Under the agreement between MLB and MLBPA, players with conditions that make them high-risk can opt out of the 2020 season and receive their normal (pro-rated) salary, as well as accrue the service time they would accrue were they active. Players without pre-existing conditions can opt out, but do not get paid or get service time.

Cain is a veteran who has earned a significant amount in his career, and thus has less financial pressure to play right now. Most of those players who have opted out are in similar situations, though one of them, Nick Markakis of the Atlanta Braves, has since petitioned to return (and has returned).

No Rangers have opted out to date. Two Rangers on the 40 man roster, Brett Martin and Kyle Gibson, qualify as high risk, though Martin has already had, and recovered from, COVID-19.