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8-9 - Dietrich shows ‘em how it’s done as Rangers rally to 7-4 win over Mariners

That’s a series clincher for the Rangers

Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

So all it took for the Rangers to figure out how to hit was to bring in the dude-ist bro I’ve maybe ever seen?

Well, slap on the baby oil, get a nice tan in, grab your gold chains, tear a few sleeves, and get those biceps shredded baby because the Derek Dietrich Rangers are 1-0 and are scoring seven runs per game as Texas completed a full comeback win after trailing 4-0 into the sixth inning.

With the win, believe it or not, the Rangers are a victory away from being back .500 again and they’ve now won consecutive series.

Thanks, AL West!

Player of the Game: Dietrich collected two singles, a double, reached via a HBP, stole a base, and scored two runs in his debut for Texas. That felt like a breath of that crisp air after a lightning strike that the offense has missed for weeks.

Up Next: The off days for the Rangers continue to be crammed into the first third of the season as Texas will take Thursday off before opening up a series in Colorado against the Rockies on Friday night with Lance Lynn set to get the call in the opener.