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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

2.0 games out of worst record in baseball

MLB: Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

T.R. Sullivan recaps the 4-1 series-sweeping loss to the Mariners for the Rangers’ eighth consecutive failure.

Jeff Wilson writes about a loss that meant that the Rangers failed to win a game during a road trip of five or more games for the first time since the season I started following the team in 1991.

Evan Grant writes that it was a frustrating loss in a frustrating series on a frustrating road trip during a frustrating season as part of a nightmare year in what is shaping up to a pretty bad decade from a terrible century within a millennium that isn’t off to a great start.

Sullivan attempts to tackle the Lance Lynn trade options but states that the Rangers probably don’t intend to move him with hopes of contending next season - and yes I’m grimly laughing as I’m typing this.

Wilson notes that the Rangers were in this Lynn situation last season with Mike Minor and held on to him and now Minor is 0-5 and can barely throw 90 pitches per outing.

Grant writes that Rougned Odor is slumping hard again and even eternal optimist Chris Woodward can’t muster up much positivity right now.

Wilson writes that despite the losses piling up, the Rangers still have to play the games on the schedule so they’re going to try to win them.

Grant notes that with Robinson Chirinos expected to return soon, the Rangers will likely have a roster decision to make between Jose Trevino and Jeff Mathis.

Will Leitch writes that Jonathan Hernandez has been a positive surprise for the Rangers.

And, finally, we’re coming for you, top draft pick! Surely Tim Bogar can’t ruin it this time, right?

Be well!