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Texas Rangers Week Six Recap

A disappointing week in what has been a disappointing season

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Season record: 12-21

Week 6 record: 2-4

Series record: 3-7, 1 split

Texas managed to take one game each from the first and second place teams in the league this week. Two more games than I think we all expected?

Of course the Rangers, like most of the league, played one less game this week than they would have due to the strike/protest on Thursday after Oakland decided not to play, the Rangers choosing to follow whatever decision the Athletics made. That game will be played as a double header when the A’s come back to Arlington the second weekend of September.

They won the first game in each of the series, against Oakland on Monday with Lance Lynn on the mound and on Friday against Los Angeles with Mike Minor on the mound. Both pitchers could be gone by the end of the day, Lynn more likely than Minor based on play this season and time left on contracts. Minor didn’t get the win in that game, not that pitching wins matter, but he did look much better than he had in the last few games. Minor went six innings, giving up no runs on four hits and three walks.

The offense is just extremely inconsistent and when they look like they start to figure it out, the follow through isn’t there. This week they were outscore 31-19 and in their they went 2-for-7, 0-for-5, 0-for-6 and 0-for-6 with runners in scoring position.

It should be noted the Rangers have Monday off, the next time we see them play it could be without Lynn and even potentially Gallo, Minor, and Montero based on trade rumors. Or they could all still be on the team. They’re also scheduled to start a series in Houston on Tuesday, but keep in mind that Sunday’s game between Houston and Oakland was canceled because a member of the Athletics organization tested positive for Covid, it could potentially effect the first three games these Texas teams have played against each other this season.