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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Dawn of the Final Day - 7 Hours Remain -

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San Diego Padres Texas Rangers Max Faulkner/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/TNS via Getty Images

Good morning. How many Texas Rangers will still be Texas Rangers before the day is out?

Jeff Wilson recaps the Rangers missing early chances and losing 7-2 in their August finale to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers could be ready to finally accept that big ol’ dirty baseball word: Rebuild

Kevin Sherrington writes that general manager Jon Daniels needs a win at this deadline or he might not be the man to oversee the rebuild.

In losing Sunday’s finale to a Dodgers team that set a new record for home runs in one month, T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers could use some of that juice.

Wilson ponders why the Rangers would look into trading Joey Gallo if they’re already short on power.

Levi Weaver takes a look at the treacherous road the Rangers careened off of to get to the point where they would consider trading Gallo.

Should the Rangers actually decide to trade Gallo, Andrew Simon looks at five teams that will be calling.

Wilson writes that the Rangers are maintaining a high asking price for Lance Lynn in a most unusual trade deadline.

Sullivan has notes on where the Rangers stand before today’s deadline and the upcoming return of Elvis Andrus.

Grant notes that if Rougned Odor and Andrus survive today’s potential culling, manager Chris Woodward intends to put them back in the lineup.

Wilson notes that the Rangers are still unsure if they’ll resume play on Sept 1 after the visiting clubhouse at Minute Maid Park — where Texas travels next — was subject to a positive COVID-19 result by a member of the Oakland Athletics’ org.

And, finally, the folks at MLB dot com made their trade deadline predictions with Mark Feinsand seeing Gallo going to Tampa Bay, and two writers guessing separate destinations for Lynn to land.

Be well!