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Wednesday Morning Links


MLB: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Willie Calhoun may be physically healed but it is going to take a while longer before he’s comfortable facing left handed pitchers.

Evan Grant’s notebook tells us that the Rangers are hopeful that Rougned Odor won’t have to make a trip to the IL and, while teams will still need to cut the rosters to 28 tonight, that will probably be as small as rosters get this season.

Chris Woodward is using the extra roster depth to be creative against left handed pitching, sporting eight right handed hitters against a lefty starter Tuesday.

Of course, it didn’t help much.

Although the team hung in there until Edinson Volquez poured the gasoline and Jesse Chavez struck the match.

Although Volquez and Chavez joining forces to surrender four ninth inning runs is coals to Newcastle if the offense can’t muster more than one run.

T.R. Sullivan’s notes column touches on Willie Calhoun’s lasting mental trauma from his spring injury, the return of Joely Rodriguez and Rougned Odor trying to avoid the IL.

Sullivan also says that if crappy performances continue that it’s not a question of if playing time will be curtailed but when.