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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Mad about the rudderless Rangers online

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MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. The trade deadline has come and gone and the 12-21 Texas Rangers — the baseball team with worst run differential in the majors — continue to straddle a fence with a post jammed right up their behinds.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers went full oxymoron yesterday as they didn’t help themselves transition to an actual, honest rebuild effort and then announced that they’ve virtually already given up on 2021 as well.

Evan Grant tries to set a course for the Rangers to fix themselves because they’ve been busy not doing that while working on other things like figuring out where to find the best price on bulk coconut coir fibers.

The official website of the Texas Rangers hilariously called the team busy at the deadline as T.R. Sullivan investigates what you can expect from the team now that a couple of veterans are gone instead of the several that should be.

Levi Weaver attempts to figure out how we sit here on September 1 and Lance Lynn is still a Ranger.

Sullivan writes that Mike Minor was also finally dealt (for pennies on the dollar because Texas didn’t trade him last year, a lesson they did not learn with Lynn this year).

Keith Law thinks the Rangers got a pair of interesting players for a month of a downward-trending Minor, so they have that going for them.

Meanwhile, over a Fangraphs, Jay Jaffe writes about how the Minor trade was the final act of a botched asset management opportunity for the Rangers. (I’d feel bad not mentioning the fact that Minor was a great signing, and was fun to watch, but the timing of his years here couldn’t have been much worse.)

Kevin Sherrington writes that the Rangers are either being intentionally willful or they’ve lost their bearings before even considering a destination.

Bradford Doolittle names winners and losers from the deadline for ESPN but I don’t have Insider anymore so I don’t know where the Rangers ended up on the spectrum but I can take a guess.

I can, however, see this article from Mike Oz where the Rangers were called the in limbo losers that decision paralysis has doomed them to be.

And, lastly, I’m so annoyed with the Texas Rangers that I’m even going to include this article from Mac Engel. The Rangers deserve Mac Engel spite attention.

Be well!