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Wednesday Morning Links


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MLB: Texas Rangers at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Rosenthal says that for the fourth straight year there’s plenty to criticize in the Rangers’ trade deadline deals and wonders when the team is actually going to rebuild.

Jim Bowden gave the team’s deadline deals a C+, noting that the teenagers the Rangers got in exchange for Mike Minor are intriguing but a long way from the majors.

Rafael Montero has made a remarkable journey from disappointment in New York to closer in Texas.

T.R. Sullivan seeks to answer some questions about the Rangers in the second half, like if Nick Solak is going to be the second baseman moving forward and what role Eli White will play.

Last night’s win was unconventional but, whatever, they’re few and far between at this point.

Elvis Andrus says that the hardest thing for him is learning to stop believing in his instincts at the plate and to start trusting in statistical analysis and research.

Evan Grant tells us that all it took for the Rangers to beat the Astros in extras was some pure baseball madness.

Mac Engel has got some complaining he wants to do.

The remainder of the season will likely be an opportunity to see some younger players, so there’s that.