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13-23 - Four-run Astros opening frame makes losers of Rangers, Lynn

Exactly as you thought it would go

MLB: Texas Rangers at Houston Astros Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Immediately allowing four runs in the very next moment Lance Lynn suited up in a Rangers uniform and took the field after Texas couldn’t find him a new home? That is always how this was going to go for Lynn and the Texas Rangers. It’s just how the Rangers exist.

After Lynn allowed those four runs in the first inning (after he had allowed 11 total earned runs in over 50 innings before this start), the Rangers scored as many as the Astros did throughout the rest of the game but discounting an inning that did not go well is unfortunately not how baseball works so the Rangers and Lynn took the L.

Player of the Game: Nick Solak led off three separate innings with hits (double, single, double) off Zack Greinke and scored all three times for three of the Rangers’ four runs.

Up Next: The Rangers head off for Seattle where Kyle Cody will make the first start of his career against a pitcher to be named for the Mariners. First pick from T-Mobile Park Safeco Field is scheduled for 8:10 pm CT.