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Wednesday Morning Links


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MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports

Levi Weaver points out that if we have to watch a terrible team have a losing season, we can at least take solace in the fact that the Rangers are playing youngsters, the season is going to be super short, and there’s a really good pitcher available at the top of the 2021 draft.

The Rangers are getting historically wretched performance from the number three spot in the lineup, and maybe Joey Gallo could be the guy to make it a little less wretched.

And speaking of Joey Gallo, he says he wants to win as a Texas Ranger and seeing how things are going that sounds like he wants to be here for a long time.

He also says the rumors that he was available at the trade deadline came as a surprise.

Mac Engel has a column about how bad the Rangers are.

There’s a lot riding on being one of the worst teams in baseball this year, and it would be so 2020 for the Rangers to screw it up.

Of course that bastard Lance Lynn isn’t doing the team any favors, snapping his own and the team’s losing streaks last night with annoyingly characteristic competence.