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Springer to Toronto: 6/$150M

The Toronto Blue Jays and free agent George Springer have reportedly agreed to terms on a deal

American League Championship Series Game 7: Tampa Bay Rays v. Houston Astros Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

MLB Rumors: George Springer and the Toronto Blue Jays have agreed to terms on a contract, pending a physical, per multiple reports. Other reports are calling the Jays the frontrunner for Springer, with a deal not yet done, but either way, indications are that Springer to Toronto is close to happening.

Springer, 31, was a first round pick of the Houston Astros out of the University of Connecticut in 2011, but didn’t make it to the major leagues until the middle of 2014, as the tanking Astros went to pains to ensure that he would be under team control for as long as possible. Springer has spent his entire career with the Astros and has excelled, putting up a career .270/.361/.491 slash line and 27.5 career bWAR over 795 games played.

Springer gets on base, hits for power and can play either center field or right field, and he is the big name free agent I had hoped the Rangers would pursue before they decided to go full rebuild and stay out of the high priced free agent market this offseason. The New York Mets were widely seen as the favorites to get Springer, but the Jays have also been reported to have been aggressive in pursuing free agents this offseason, and with the Mets having landed Francisco Lindor, their ardor for splurging on Springer has apparently cooled.

How much the Jays end up paying is still up in the air, though Jon Heyman says the deal “could even top $125M.” I’m not sure why Springer wouldn’t get $125 million, though — a $125 million deal at either 5 or 6 years would be a great pickup for a team, and even a 4 year deal at that price is justifiable.

UPDATE — The big name national writers are all saying the deal is agreed to. Jon Heyman says it is 6 years, $150 million.