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One Ranger on Keith Law top 100 list

The Rangers have just a single prospect on Keith Law’s latest top 100 list

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Houston Astros v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Keith Law’s 2021 top 100 prospect list is out, and the Texas Rangers place just a single player on the list — center fielder Leody Taveras, who comes in at #44 on Keith’s list.

Leody making the list, and being this high, may be a surprise to some, as he didn’t crack the Baseball America top 100 list, and opinions on him have varied quite a bit due to a wide range of projections on how much he will hit. Law had Leody at #37 on his list last year, though, and has generally been more bullish on Leody than many the last couple of years, so this ranking isn’t a surprise.

A mild surprise is that Josh Jung, who was at #85 on Keith’s list last year, didn’t make the top 100. Jung is a guy whose stock seems to have significantly risen over the past 12 months, and while Law has been more bearish than many on Jung’s power potential, given that he made the top 100 last year, I thought he’d be back on the list this year.

The other two prospects who would seem to be potential guys to make top 100 lists, Sam Huff and Dane Dunning, didn’t make Law’s list last year, either.