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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

I miss baseball

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. It’s the Monday after the end of football season in the DFW which means baseball is surely right around the corner, yes?

Not quite.

However, Evan Drellich notes over at The Athletic that MLB intends for Spring Training to happen and for the 2021 season to begin on time.

MLB dot com takes a look at some nasty pitches to look forward to watching in 2021, including Demarcus Evans’ rising four-seamer.

Will Leitch has the arduous task of predicting the best player for each team in 2021, though it is a fairly simple task when it comes to the Texas Rangers.

Among his Sunday Notes at Fangraphs, David Laurila has a fascinating interview with Rangers prospect Cole Uvila about how he updated his pitching repertoire during the pandemic.

And, MLB dot com has the first Power Rankings of 2021 and, baby, we’re not last (nor even last in the American League!)!

Be well.