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A, AA seasons to be delayed

Minor leaguers in AA and below will not report to spring training on time

MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Baseball America is reporting that minor league teams have been informed that the minor league season will be delayed for AA and A level teams.

The delay is because of there being staggered reporting dates for spring training due to the COVID-19 pandemic. BA is reporting that until MLB and AAA spring training ends, players at lower levels will not be allowed to report. That delayed reporting date means that, other than at AAA, minor league seasons wouldn’t be able to start until most likely sometime in May.

The good news is that those levels will apparently be able to have their seasons run through September, rather than ending at the end of August/early September as is normally the case, meaning that if all goes to plan there should still be a normal length of season for AA and A ball teams.

Complex leagues don’t start play, generally, until summer, so this delay in reporting shouldn’t impact those schedules.