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Saturday Morning Rangers Stuff

Texas Rangers update for Saturday, October 2nd.

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Cleveland Indians v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Good morning, LSB.

The Rangers lost to Cleveland last night 9-6 in a game where Spencer Howard got touched up once again.

Evan Grant says the Rangers are hoping for better from Howard next year. Pshyah.

Grant also lists the Rangers minor league award winners that were announced yesterday.

Grant also breaks down the highs and lows of the 2021 season for the Rangers, with the high point being that sweet sweet moment when they were 18-18.

Grant also lists 10 potential free agent targets for the Rangers offseason. Busy day for ol’ EG.

Finally, read about the collapse of the Padres that has left the jobs of two former Ranger people in jeopardy. Other teams suck too!

That’s all for this morning. The Rangers play the penultimate game of their 2021 season tonight at 6:05, sending Jordan Lyles to the mound for probably his last start as a Ranger. Have a good weekend!