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Texas Rangers lineup for October 2, 2021

One day closer to the end of the season

Cleveland Indians v Texas Rangers Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Texas Rangers lineup for October 2, 2021 against the Cleveland Indians: starting pitchers are Jordan Lyles for the Rangers and Tristan McKenzie for the Indians.

The Rangers try once again to get to 60 wins on the season, and while they’ve been hung with a triple digit loss total, they can avoid having a “5” at the front of their win total with a win today, or a win tomorrow.

The lineup:

Calhoun — LF


Garcia — RF

Lowe — DH

Ibanez — 1B

Heim — C

Holt — 3B

Taveras — CF

Hernandez — 2B

6:05 p.m. Central start time.