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NY media upset w/how Joey Gallo puts on his uniform

Joey Gallo reacted on Twitter to a negative story about how Gallo gets dressed for a game

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Joey Gallo and the New York Yankees have been a less than perfect marriage since the trade deadline deal in July, 2021, that sent Gallo and Joely Rodriguez to the Yankees. And the New York media is now, it seems, making an issue of how he gets dressed before a game.

Yesterday, Stacey Gotsulias tweeted an excerpt from an article by beat writer Bob Klapisch (paywall, so I don’t know what it is said other than what Stacey excerpted). Klapisch says that Brian Cashman needs to fill the Yankees’ roster with players of the “right pedigree,” and as an example of players who do not have the “right pedigree,” offers an anecdote about Joey Gallo. Gallo, apparently, would lay out his uniform “piece by piece” before a game, and upon dressing, if “the fit wasn’t right,” would undress and dress again, sometimes multiple times until it was “right.”

This, apparently, is an example of a player who, in Klapisch’s mind, does not have the “right pedigree” to play in New York, and includes a snarky quote from a scout about the Yankees not doing “background checks” before acquiring players. And it caught Joey’s attention:

I wasn’t sure how the Joey Gallo experience in New York would go, but the Yankees’ losing in the Wild Card Game, Gallo’s struggles after the trade, and the media questioning Gallo’s fit, and whether the team should move on with him this offseason, it makes me wonder whether Joey will change uniforms before the 2022 season.

It does appear that Gallo is unlikely to extend with the Yankees, though. And that means that the odds are higher than Gallo is a free agent after 2022. And we can all re-visit the possibility of the Rangers signing Joey Gallo long-term a year from now.