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Charlie Morton has a broken leg

Charlie Morton departed Game 1 with what turned out to be a broken leg

World Series - Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros - Game One Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Charlie Morton has a broken leg, and so the Atlanta Braves starting pitcher is now out for the rest of the World Series.

Morton, who started World Series Game 1 on Tuesday for the Braves against the Houston Astros, left the game in the third inning, and the broadcast at the time showed him reacting after landing on his follow through on a strike three pitch to Jose Altuve, the first Astros hitter of the third inning. Morton came out of the game with what was speculated to be a hamstring or other lower leg issue.

As it turns out, Morton had suffered a fractured right fibula on a comebacker by Yuli Gurriel to lead off the second inning. Morton threw 16 pitches afterwards, retiring all three batters he faced, before the pain finally forced him out of the game.

Morton is, of course, now going to be out for the remainder of the World Series, and Atlanta will have to find a replacement for him. That’s kind of been the theme of this postseason — its been a war of attrition, with teams’ pitching depth being challenged, and a question of who is still left standing.