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60-102 - Rangers go out with a whimper in 6-0 finale loss to Cleveland

Texas finishes with the second worst record in team history

Cleveland Indians v Texas Rangers Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Texas Rangers fittingly did not score a run in their final game of 2021 while the soon to be Guardians of Cleveland scored six runs in the final game under their current moniker.

Goodbye, 2021 Texas Rangers. I would say that you won’t be missed but by like three days from now I’ll be waking up trying to remember the time for that night’s first pitch and then feeling sad when I realize there won’t be one for six months. And this will happen every day.

My broken brain will miss baseball even if this is what baseball was for us this season.

I don’t think this season will be looked back on fondly but the next time the Rangers do play an important game around this time of the year, perhaps something from this year will have been among the building blocks that got them there.

With the loss, the Rangers finish no better than one game worse than the Pittsburgh Pirates which means they that will own the No. 3 pick in the 2022 MLB Draft. It’s small consolation but consolation nonetheless.

Player of the Game: Thomas Alan Grieve for putting up with this franchise for 55 years now (including every season in Arlington) with next season being his last. Godspeed, TAG.

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