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Minor league update for 10/3/21 — The Last One

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Our final minor league update of the season

Wagons Of Iron Ore Make Their Way To Port By Rail And Road

Round Rock beat Sugar Land today by a score of 14-4 in the final minor league game of the season for a Texas Rangers affiliate.

Demarcus Evans picked up the win despite allowing three runs (two earned) in an inning of work, walking three and allowing a hit. Ryder Ryan allowed a run in two innings of work. Jacob Lemoine threw a scoreless inning.

Josh Jung did not play, I regret to inform you. Davis Wendzel had a single, a double and a pair of walks. Carl Chester had a pair of hits. 19 year old catcher Jose Felix had three hits as the DH. Charles Leblanc heads into minor league free agency with a bang, homering twice.

Round Rock box score