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Minor league update for 10/3/21 — The Last One

Our final minor league update of the season

Wagons Of Iron Ore Make Their Way To Port By Rail And Road

Round Rock beat Sugar Land today by a score of 14-4 in the final minor league game of the season for a Texas Rangers affiliate.

Demarcus Evans picked up the win despite allowing three runs (two earned) in an inning of work, walking three and allowing a hit. Ryder Ryan allowed a run in two innings of work. Jacob Lemoine threw a scoreless inning.

Josh Jung did not play, I regret to inform you. Davis Wendzel had a single, a double and a pair of walks. Carl Chester had a pair of hits. 19 year old catcher Jose Felix had three hits as the DH. Charles Leblanc heads into minor league free agency with a bang, homering twice.

Round Rock box score