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Rangers will pick 3rd in 2022 draft

The Rangers will pick third overall in the 2022 MLB Draft

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers will pick third overall in the 2022 MLB Draft, assuming the determination of draft order for 2022 remains unchanged from the current system. The CBA expires this offseason, but even if there are changes in the draft, those changes most likely will not be implemented until the 2023 season.

Baltimore and Arizona tied for the worst record in baseball, as each went 52-110, but since Baltimore had the worse record in 2020, they will pick first, with Arizona picking second. Pittsburgh, by virtue of winning one game more than Texas, will pick fourth.

The Rangers have picked third overall twice before — in 1983, when they selected prep shortstop Jeff Kunkel, and in 1985, when they selected college pitcher Bobby Witt.

The best players taken third overall in the draft are both Hall of Famers, and were both selected by the Milwaukee Brewers — Robin Yount in 1973 and Paul Molitor in 1977. Evan Longoria has the third highest bWAR of any player picked third, followed by Matt Williams, Manny Machado, Lonnie Smith and Troy Glaus.